Wooden train set 60pcs - Maxim 50040

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Talk about an amazing wooden train set! This 60 piece set has everything that you are wanting and needing in a train set. The engines pull the cars up and over then across the red suspension bridge and back down and through the tunnels all in a good days work on the railroad. This train set is very sturdy and its support system is designed to keep it together so that your little engineer can spend more time playing instead of trying to keep it together. Compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine and BRIO wooden railway systems.

Sizes: 115x80cm

Set contains: 5 cm rovná kolej - 2x 10 cm rovná kolej - 2x Nadjezdová kolej - 2x Dlouhá kruhová kolej - 3x Krátká kruhová kolej - 13x Rozkládací tunel - 1x Podpěry - 4x Most - San Francisco - 1x Mostní oblouky - 2x Mašinka - 1x Vagón - 2 x Domečky, značky, postavičky, stromy a zvířata.

Vláčkodráhy a doplňky Maxim lze kombinovat se všemi dalšími dřevěnými vláčkodráhami na trhu.

Suitable for children from 3 years, contains small parts.