80 Pcs Train Set - Maxim 50139

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A city by the sea needs its infrastructure perfect. Every year, many tourists come to the beaches from far away, just to enjoy their holidays and spend pleasant moments. An integral part of such infrastructure is, of course, the railway, which helps to calm and regular traffic around the coast. Become the mayor of such a city and show to all visitors that they have chosen the right place to rest, but also that you can take care of your fellow citizens who live in the city all year round.

Size of assembled kit: 112x87cm

Kit contains: hard paper pad, 1x suspension bridge, 7x long circular track, 6x short circular track, 3x 5cm straight track, 5x 10cm straight track, 1x 8cm straight track, 2x 20cm straight track, 2x overpass, 2x turnout, 5x support block, city-shaped tunnel, locomotive + 2x wagon, 3x car, trees, bushes, lamps, signs, characters and houses
Maxim train and accessories can be combined with all other wooden train tracks on the market.

Suitable for children from 3 years, contains small parts.