Shipping and payment

Free shipping - orders over 1200,- CZK!

Transport to the place of delivery is usually provided by the seller using specialized services of a third party, but always under the conditions that are part of the order. The Seller reserves the right to change the carrier, including the decision to use its own means to transport the ordered goods, even without notice to the Buyer. However, this change must not result in a decrease in delivery quality and a change in its price.

Delivery of the goods to the place of delivery does not include demonstration, installation, assembly or assembly of purchased goods.

The seller uses the following partners for transport of goods:


  • PPL courier service - delivery to address (delivery within 24 hours after shipment)
  • PPL collection point - personal collection (delivery within 48 hours after shipment)

By Uloženka service we deliver only to Slovakia!

  • Uloženka SK
  • Slovakia post - delivery directly to the hand

Standard shipping cost table (including VAT)

Shipping method and order value Price of transport

Uloženka - when buying is over 1200,- Kč


PPL - when buying is over 1200,- Kč


PPL - courier service - delivery to address under 1200,- Kč

100,- Kč

PPL - collection point - personal collection under 1200,- Kč

80,- Kč

Cash on delivery - if you've chosen


Delivery to Slovakia by DHL - if buying is over 2000,- Kč


Delivery to Slovakia - if buying's under 2000,- Kč


Uloženka Slovakia  - if buying is over 1500,- Kč


Uloženka Slovakia  - if buying is under 1500,- Kč


Slovakia post - straight to the hand - if buying is over 1500,- Kč


Slovakia post - straight to the hand - if buing is under 1500,- Kč



Payment options

When you're ordering at, we offer to buyers several payment options. All prices include VAT.

Cash on delivery

  • When you're handing over the goods from the shipping carrier. The cash is taken directly by the driver of the transport company or the employee of the Uloženka company.
  • Payment by card is possible only to PPL drivers.
  • Cash on delivery costs 30,-Kč

Bank transfer

  • When you're paying by bank transfer, you will automatically receive an email with your order confirmation and payment instructions.
  • The goods dispatch is prolonged in this form of payment, depending on the time of payment
  • No payment fee

Bank account: Fio banka, a.s
Account number: 2900525995/2010
Variable symbol: number of order

PayU - online payment via internet banking - it is not possible to pay by credit card

  • A fast, convenient and secure way to make payments to the clients of the banks listed below.
  • After selecting this payment, the user is redirected to internet banking, where he only confirms the pre-filled payment order.
  • PayU payment is credited in a few minutes, which significantly accelerates the dispatch of the order.
  • No payment fee
  • Possible online payments:
    • Raiffeisenbank (eKonta online)
    • České spočitelna (Platba 24)
    • Komerční banka (MojePlatba)
    • GE Money Bank
    • mBank (mTransfer)
    • Fio Banka
    • Sberbank
    • Československá obchodní banka
    • Poštovní spořitelna / Era

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