How to buy

New customer registration

  • registration is not a condition for placing an order 
  • fill in all required fields in the Registration section and confirm the registration; you will not need to fill in your contact information in your shopping cart the next time you log in

Customer login

  • enter your login name and password to log in
  • if you have forgotten your password, just enter your e-mail address you entered during registration and your login details will be sent to you immediately
  • after logging in the e-shop for individual goods will be displayed prices that belong to the customer category you are in (or individual price)

Selection of items from the e-shop (filling the shopping cart)

  • shopping cart can be filled directly from the list of goods in the given category (enter the number of pieces and click on the icon to add to the cart) or from the list of detailed information about the goods (by the same procedure)
  • if you enter a string in the form of "10b" or "10B" when entering the number of pieces window - this way you can order 10 packages of the goods


  • type your search term in the search box and press Enter, or left-click the Search button
  • you can use a search suggestion that automatically offers matching phrases as you type
  • we recommend entering the search term in a single number; accents or capitalization are not taken into account.

Place an order

  • simply send your order through your shopping cart
  • fill in the information required for sending (name and surname, address, ...)
  • submit your order
  • if you have entered an e-mail address, you will receive a recap of your order

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