Making a claim - a claim sheet


Name and surname:
Phone N.:


HTK Group s.r.o.
Zápská 1795
250 01 Brandýs nad Labem
IČ: 27152227
DIČ: CZ27152227

Claimed goods:

Products number:
Date of sale:
Purchasing document number or order number:

Default description:

Contents of the package on delivery:

Preferred way of handling the complaint (Before choosing the way of handling the complaint, please read the section "Rights and obligations arising from defective performance" of the Terms and Conditions):

(a) repair

(b) exchange

(c) discount

(d) withdrawal

I expect the complaint to be settled within 30 calendar days at the latest.

At the same time, I ask you to issue a written confirmation of the claim, stating when I have exercised the right, what is the content of the claim together with the selected claim, and subsequently to issue a confirmation of the date and method of handling the claim, including its duration.

Claim date:

Buyer's signature:

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